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We are unreliable narrators of our own experience.

Coaching is the antidote.

I help intra & entrepreneurs get laser-focused on their priorities, and cut through the rest, so they can spend their time and energy on what matters most.

Death by to-do list

In a world where everything seems important, where everything feels urgent, as if there are not enough hours in the day and we are always running behind, we spend our energy poorly, running from task to task while losing sight of how we can do our most important work. 

It shows up as overwhelm, stress, anxiety, procrastination, firefighting, reactivity, distraction, avoidance. 


We lose days, months, and years trying to get to the bottom of our to-do lists, unable to focus on our highest contribution / most important work. 

Seeing the forest for the trees

There is a different way. Where there is a high level of clarity about purpose and priorities (our highest level of contribution) — people thrive, goals are reached, and life feels profoundly satisfying. We are able to focus on the vital few versus the unimportant many. 


Verve by Henri Matisse

The result is a life well-lived

Together we will get clear about your priorities, why they are important to you, and what needs to happen to live in alignment with and be committed to them. Then we will build the tools to support you. As a result of our work together, you can expect:

More clarity / strategic thinking / short and long-term vision

Better time management / decision making

Less stress / overwhelm / procrastination

More integrity / confidence / personal agency

More fun / flow

How I work

Because of the tailored way that I support each client, I take on a small number at a given time.

The work is structured to be helpful and accessible to leaders at any stage and entrepreneurs / solopreneurs / freelancers of any size.


- What is it that you want?
- What keeps you from having it?
- Clarify, create a vision, and set goals
- Define principles and priorities


- Examine the gaps
- Challenge mindsets and beliefs
- Experiment
- Build a toolbox of strategies, techniques, 
tools and beliefs


- Outline the steps to get there
- Define strategies
- Create accountability
- Run experiments, move towards the 
goal, re-route


- Reflect, refine, experiment
- Zoom out to see the big picture
- Increase EQ and self-awareness.
- Align, integrate.

If not now, when?


About me

My first years as an entrepreneur were… chaotic. I was treading water — feeling like I was constantly being hit by waves, one after another. I couldn’t keep my head above water long enough to see the horizon with clarity. Each wave seemed critical, urgent, and I was at their mercy.

Running from problem to problem – I spent my days in firefighting mode, managing the tasks to get through the day but never getting to my most important work, to the place where I could make my highest contribution. I always thought that TOMORROW I would find the time, but TODAY I just needed to make it through.

Reactive, stressed, overwhelmed, tired, unable to prioritize clearly, losing time. This was a big part of my story.

With the help of many hard lessons, curiosity, experimentation, tough love and support from mentors and coaches, I was able to find a different way.

I learned how to prioritize what was most important and how to organize my life so it was aligned with these priorities. A toolbox of systems, tools, and habits helped support my vision.

Everything changed. By looking in a different direction, I have been able to build and sustain a rich and profoundly satisfying experience of life.

For more than 20 years I was an entrepreneur in the food and beverage/hospitality space. I also co-founded a digital solutions journalism platform. Almost everything I learned about how to create, fund, launch, grow and sustain my businesses, I learned the hard way. Creating and growing a business is full of challenge, but it doesn’t have to be full of struggle. I leverage some of these key lessons to serve and support my clients in their personal and professional growth.

Today, I am a certified leadership coach, originally from Philadelphia, now living between Lisbon and an olive farm in the Alentejo region of Portugal. I work with clients in the U.S. and Europe.

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